Kurok is the fifth village founded on The Land, in LY 361. It is situated on the northwest coast of First Isle, at roughly 13° north latitude and 89° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 17,665 humans.

Pritt was the first village to be founded during the period of rapid expansion following the founding of Ship, which lasted between 361 and 380. It was also the first village to be founded on First Isle; six years later, Pritt would be founded, about 400 miles to the southeast. (This is currently the shortest distance between any two villages on the Land.) This distance is covered by the First Isle Way, which was the second (and thus far last) paved road to be built between any two villages on the Land. Its major industries include fishing, lumber, and mining. Kurok is also known as the site of meetings in 899, at which representatives of every village on the Land worked out a set of standardized laws which led to the establishment of the court system. Kurok University is also well known for its distinguished law courses, which turn out some of the Land's most widely respected lawyers.

People who live in Kurok are referred to as either "Kuroki" or "Kurokish," though the latter is more commonly used as an adjective; it would be more appropriate to say "Kurokish people" or "Kurokish citizens." (One would not simply refer to someone as "a Kurokish," though they could say "a Kuroki." It is also acceptable to describe a person or persons as "Kurokish," as long as one does not use the word as a noun.) While "Kurokish" can be considered both the singular and plural form, "Kuroki" is singular; the plural would be "Kurokis." It is, however, not uncommon to hear people from other villages mistakenly use "Kuroki" in both a singular and plural sense (some may also use the term "Kurokian," a word which is entirely incorrect in any form or usage). Of course, the word "Kurokish" can also be applied to anything of Kurokish origin; it is inappropriate to use "Kuroki" for anything other than people.

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