Human male, born 10 Aut'mo', 872, in Kurok. Husband of Lucia, father of Luni, Kar, Tor, Matz, and Brit. Lawyer.

Kuris (pronounced 'kûr·ĭs) married Lucia in 896, who had moved to Kurok 3 years earlier. They both studied under the same master, Thomas, who was teaching law before an official legal system even existed. Kuris and Lucia both believed such a thing would be important someday, and considered their master a visionary. (They may be considered a good judge of such matters, considering Thomas later became Chief Magistrate of the High Court.) Of course, at the time Kuris and Lucia were among his students, there was little work for lawyers as such, so they became police for a few years; but they began practicing law in 899, when the court system was established.

Over the years they would have five children, three of whom were born in Lucia's home village of Triscot. Their first son, Luni, was born in 901 in Kurok. In 903, they learned that Lucia's clan was opposing the Order, and in spite of respecting some of what the Order had done in recent years, they moved to Triscot to support the clan, on the advice of their former master. It was a couple of months before the Battle of Triscot that their second son, Kar, was born. Also prior to the battle, Kuris and Lucia helped spread disinformation that her clan's children had been secreted away to various foster families, so that they could not be found by the military, should her clan lose the impending battle. In actuality, the children went into hiding shortly before the battle, and were later joined by any adults who had survived the battle (the adults would be presumed dead). They had two more sons, Tor and Matz, while in hiding, who were both born with the surname "Lonewander," which almost the whole clan was using at the time.

However, when the clan came out of hiding in 912, Kuris and Lucia moved their family back to Kurok, and resumed contact with Kuris's own clan, who had been going by the name "Aletheia" (pronounced ə'lēth·ē·ə). Kuris's immediate family dropped the name "Lonewander" at this time, and replaced it with Aletheia. Shortly after returning to Kurok, Kuris and an old friend founded their own law firm. In 915, Kuris and Lucia had their fifth child, a daughter named Brit, the first of their children to be born with the surname "Aletheia."

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