Human male, born LY 370, in Sorret. Died 420, in First Village. Husband of Barb; father of Lily. Sorreter and adventurer.

Koichi (pronounced kō·ē·chē) became an adept by the age of 20, in 390. At that point, he set off to see the world as an adventurer, having no great interest in advancing to the level of master-adept, and certainly not in taking on apprentices of his own. Nothing is known of his adventures, though apparently he was successful enough at them to make it a career. In 399, he settled in First Village, after meeting a woman named Barb, who lived there. However, he did still periodically embark on shorter adventures or other travels, including occasional visits to Sorret. Barb often accompanied him on his travels, and the two were married in 401. In 405, they had a daughter named Lily.

On one of Koichi's visits to Sorret, in early 400, he learned of the development of spell devices by Judy, which had led to her becoming the new Grand Sorreter. The concept intrigued him, and on 31 Las'mo' of that year, he unveiled a spell device of his own creation, bubbles. The first bubbles were used for scrying, but in 402, he introduced a new enchantment spell to create a different type of bubbles, this time for recording and playing back sound and images (which he called audio and visuals). In the years to come, other Sorreters would find other uses for bubbles, as well.

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