Kimrin is the 18th village founded on The Land, in LY 879. (Technically it was the 19th village to be founded, but Temporaneous isn't considered to count.) It is situated on Near Land at roughly 60° north latitude (making it the northernmost village on the Land to date) and 104° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 17,707 humans. It lies in a valley within the Kimrin Mountains (from which are mined a fair degree of gold and silver), surrounded by a small forest on the northeastern shore of Kimrin Lake. Kimrin was founded by an expedition of explorers from Triscot and Tanq. It was the first village to be founded in what would later come to be known as the Northern Alliance. There are several tribes of ogres and orcs, which are believed to have migrated there from the Drop Lake Mountains sometime in the mid-600s, well before any humans came to the area.

Ever since the days of Connor and Brigid, people of the Land have enjoyed stories from other worlds, most notably Earth. Over the centuries, many people have expressed a desire to experience the seasons they heard of in these stories, which Landians had never experienced, as all the Land's villages were within the tropic zone. Kimrin was founded primarily as a place where the change of seasons would be far more dramatic than it was in other villages, most notably winter. The people who came to live in Kimrin and the subsequently founded northern villages tend to complain about winter, but at the same time, few of the Northern Alliance's citizens choose to move to southern villages. Many may say they can't afford to move, but others say the harshness of winter gives them a greater appreciation of summer. Of course, another explanation is the simple desire to remain close to their families.

During the Coming of the Order, Kimrin and the other northern villages played an important role in implementing The Plan, both as an experimental model for what The Order wanted the whole world to become, and also as a place to raise armies for the inevitable dissent against the Plan. It is at once ironic and understandable that two of the most prominent figures from both sides of the war came from Kimrin: Poss, who became the general of the Army (and later marshal of both branches of the military), and Vallus, who became an important ally of the Protestant Movement. It should be noted that while prior to the Coming, every village on the Land had its own mint for the production of coinage, after the establishment of the Second Order, Kimrin's mint became one of only three official mints in the country, the other two being in First Village and Tonad.

People who live in Kimrin are referred to as "Kimrinians."

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