Kerberos was the second type of mythical creature to be created on The Land by Sorreters, in LY 546. It was based on ancient Terran mythology. The majority of the genetic material used in engineering Kerberos came from a monog, the closest animal thus far discovered on The Land to Terran dogs. The only other animal whose genetics were used was an ora, for the tail. The rest of the body and heads were strictly monog, with the one difference being the most notable feature of Kerberos, the fact that it had three heads instead of one. Unfortunately, those heads did not seem to get along with each other, and the experiment was deemed a failure. Kerberos was both the first and last of its kind, ultimately killing itself before it reached full maturity. From that point on, it was decided that any creatures Sorreters might design in the future should be limited to one head, which seems to be the natural order.

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