Human male, born 16 Las'mo', LY 871, in Triscot. Husband of Zoë; father of Isabella. Chief of police in Triscot (904-?)

Keith joined the Triscot PD in 891, at the age of 20. The following year, he married his girlfriend, Zoë. In 895, they had a daughter, who they named Isabella. In 904, at the age of 32, Keith was elected Chief of Police when Triscot's previous chief retired. Also that year, when the surname law was passed, he chose the name "Arresting," for the obvious reason that he arrests people. (However, the same name obviously applies to both his wife and daughter, and both of them have been referred to as "arresting beauties," though it was not until at least a few years after the family took that name that the expression was applied to Isabella.) Many people have called the name "Arresting" a corny choice, but then, his friends and family will attest that he's always had a corny sense of humor.

Keith's record throughout his time in the Triscot PD, from patrolman to detective to deputy chief to chief, has been exemplary. In spite of his reputation as a friendly and funny (even goofy) guy, he's always taken his job very seriously. Crime in Triscot is minimal compared to many other villages, to the point that even the dons of InterGang and LandOrder in Triscot (Nicole Kriek and Cherilyn Amalgamator, respectively) tend to concentrate more on running their legitimate businesses more than organized crime. This may owe somewhat to their personalities, but Keith's effectiveness as police chief is credited as at least partially responsible for this state of affairs.

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