Jump Village is the eleventh village founded on The Land, in LY 372. It is situated on the northern coast of Jump Isle at roughly 4° north latitude and 141° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 20,126 humans.

Jump Village was the penultimate village to be founded during the period of rapid expansion following the founding of Ship, which lasted between 361 and 380. It has long had a reputation as a beautiful and relaxed village, and has been a popular place to vacation ever since the introduction of stagecoaches in 625 made inter-village travel more practical. Even before then, in 375, shipbuilders in Jump Village designed the Land's first ferries, for transporting people, wagons, and livestock between nearby coastal villages. Aside from ferry services and tourism, Jump Village also has a thriving agricultural industry of various crops, most notably zelfruit and spicebulbs (though the latter have come to be grown in other villages, as well).

In 806, soft drinks were first produced in Jump Village, using mineral water from a nearby geological feature named Lymon Mists.

In 913, Jump Village was one of three villages (along with Plist and Tanq) to join Triscot in establishing the United Villages of the Chaos following the Secession Referendum.

People who live in Jump Village are referred to as "Jump Villagers" or simply "Jumpers."

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