Human female, born LY 359, in Sorret. Died 435. Grand Sorreter (399-435).

Best remembered for developing the first enchantment spell in 399, which is what makes possible items known as spell devices. Judy had always been a fan of the work of the third Grand Sorreter, Jess, who had developed the spell known as "tactile telekinesis." That spell was initially used to reshape clay, mostly creating pottery with minimal physical contact. Judy also worked with clay; the spell she developed was used to animate clay dolls, to dance on their own for a few centhours before the spell wore off. (The spell would remain dormant until activated by either a touch or voice command, which could be issued by anyone, not just magic users. Once it had worn off, it could then be recharged by a magic user who had been trained to do so.) The animation spell itself was not sufficiently impressive to the Council of Magicks to qualify Judy for the position of Grand Sorreter, but the concept of enchantment was.

This "animation spell" soon inspired other Sorreters to create their own unique enchantment spells, and over the years a wide variety of spell devices have been created, beginning with bubbles in 400. Judy herself also invented other spell devices, including the magical odometer, in 402.

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