Human male, born LY 886, in Jump Village. Police.

When the surname law was passed in 904, John chose the name "Fangs," as he occasionally worked as a costumer for a local theatre troupe. This sometimes included creating costumes for supernatural creatures such as vampyres (before they were known to exist on The Land in reality) and werewolves.

However, he ultimately became a police, a couple of years later. It was during his time working with the theatre that he met a student of his former costuming master (who was also a stage director). John and this student, Marian Frisson, became good friends. In 910, when John was unjustly fired from his job as a police, and Marian fell on hard times, herself, the two of them teamed up as bandits. They called themselves "Maid Marian and Little John," and are also known to have sometimes gone by a number of different aliases, one of John's being "Sepp." They reportedly had a code of ethics, by which they would only steal from those who seemed like they could afford to lose whatever money they had on them, and always tried to avoid hurting anyone seriously. They apparently were successful enough as bandits to get by, but just barely.

In 912, they attempted to rob Darius Lonewander, and subsequently briefly considered joining his rebellion, The Chaos. But just a day later, they chose not to join the would-be rebels, after all. Nevertheless, they seem to have abandoned their life of crime soon after that, and by the following year, their criminal record had been wiped clean, and John got his old job back in the Jump Village PD.

In an alternate universeEdit

If John and Marian had chosen to join the Chaos, John would have become Chief of the Triscot police department, when Keith Arresting vacated the position.

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