Elven female, born LY 854, in Woodstockade, to Malachi and Eloise. Wife of Myron; mother of Galatea and Yuki. Bishop of Woodstockade (904-?)

Joan became the very first bishop of Woodstockade in 904, after the elves rejoined human society during the Coming of the Order, the previous year. After the First 50 Elves were banished in 773, they understandably felt no love for The Order, but that didn't mean they had any desire to abandon religion entirely. There would continue to be spirit-talkers among elves, in each generation, some of whom also become sorcerers, and some who didn't. While the line of Joan's granduncle Trelane Des'Rosset would largely include sorcerers, the line of her grandfather Dylan Des'Salucin (Trelane's younger brother) would largely include spirit-talkers who didn't study magic. Joan herself was one of these.

In 873, at age 19, Joan married a journalist named Myron. In 874, they had a daughter whom they named Galatea (after a character from a Terran myth Joan had heard from a spirit friend of hers). In 877, they had a son whom they named Yuki, after Joan's grandmother.

Though spirit-talkers had no real political clout in the village, they were highly regarded by most elves, and by the time that Durell of Sorret contacted the village council 901, Joan was among the most respected spirit-talkers in Woodstockade. Like her second cousin Emannus Des'Rosset, Joan encouraged elves to support the rejoining of human society, which Durell proposed. She was also in favor of accepting the apology of the Order for the banishment, and of Woodstockade's spirit-talkers joining the Order. The year after the war, Joan led a delegation of elven spirit-talkers in attending the 904 Pilgrimage to Monab, where Arch-bishop Talak Archman officially approved her appointment as her village's bishop. At the Pilgrimage, she also presented the Arch-bishop and other villages' delegations with the Book of Roderick, which was soon published as the 349th book of the O'Gas.

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