Human female, born LY 246, in First Village. Died 307, in Sorret. Potter and Grand Sorreter (303-307).

Jess was one of the best friends of Murray, who happened to conceive of magic while the two of them were having lunch together one day in 270. Sometime after that, the two of them went to a spirit-talker of their district, Sol, and asked if such a thing might be possible to learn from spirits. After about a week of discussing the matter with various spirits he knew, Sol informed Murray and Jess that indeed it would be possible. So, the three of them gathered together a group of people from First Village and Tonad, and founded the village of Sorret in 271. People who studied the practice of magic came to be called Sorreters, and the head of the hierarchy they established would be known as the Grand Sorreter. Though they would spend the rest of their lives talking to spirits about magic, neither Murray nor Jess ever truly considered themselves spirit-talkers, at least not in a religious sense.

Sol became the first Grand Sorreter, in 272, and he was succeeded by Murray, in 282. Murray died in 302, and the next year Jess became the third Grand Sorreter. Just as Murray had been selected by Sol to follow him, Jess was selected by Murray. However, the selection of Grand Sorreters must be approved by the Council of Magicks, and Jess's appointment to the position was the first to ever be contested. Her competition was a spirit-talker from Tonad, named Taro; though he lost out to her, he later became the fourth Grand Sorreter. As per the tradition begun with Murray, each candidate for the position must prove him or herself worthy by demonstrating an original spell they have developed. In the case that there is more than one viable candidate, the relative merits of such spells are usually the predominant factor in the Council's decision. Jess's spell was something she liked to call "earth alchemy," though the Council officially dubbed it tactile telekinesis.

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