Human male, born LY 852, in Plist. Died 899. Writer.

Jaspar was a writer of fantasy novels. His career began in 877, at the age of 25. While his most popular works were produced during a ten-year period (ending in 887) in which he wrote at least one book per year, he completed three additional, lesser-known novels before his death at the age of 47.

His name is properly pronounced jăs'pär, though it is not uncommon to hear it mispronounced as 'jăsp·ûr (or 'jăs·pûr).

List of booksEdit

This is a partial list.

  • The Caves of Mount Deathwish (878)
  • The Dragon, the Elf, and What Happened One Penul'day (882)

See alsoEdit

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