Human male, born 29 Win'yet, LY 881, in Tonad. Director of the Secret Service; former chief spy of LandOrder's Tonad branch.

Jasp came from a middle class family, so it's said, though nothing specifically is known about the members of his clan; who they are, what they did, etc. It's not even known whether any of them are still alive; he is the only person on record with the surname "Underground," and while some people who know him have said he chose it because of some kind of childhood adventure, no specifics have ever been given outside his circle of friends.

Jasp joined the LandOrder gang in 904, not long after the gang's don, Xander Breakhead, organized the remnants of a few now defunct Tonadian gangs for the specific purpose of starting a new LandOrder branch in the village, which until then had been the undisputed territory of InterGang (and to a lesser extent, Ass-Kickers Unlimited). After a few years as a "rank and file" spy, Jasp was promoted to department head. (It was shortly after that, that he hired his childhood friend Cabbit Atwater as a spy.)

It's said that Jasp's mood often changes, without much predictability; one day he might be annoyed, the next he might be in a pleasant, chatty mood. He can be completely serious, or quite jocular or even silly. No one seems to think of this as being on the level of actual mood swings, or an indication of any kind of psychological abnormality, though apparently many people have made a note of it, suggesting that his moods are at least a bit more mercurial than those of the average person. In any event, this seems to have little if any effect on his professionalism as a spy; he is acknowledged by everyone as being quite capable both as a field operative and as an administrator.

In 912, he became a temporary liaison between LandOrder and a group called The Chaos, which was initially planning a rebellion against the Second Order. After the founding of the United Villages of the Chaos in 913, Jasp organized and became the head of that country's intelligence agency, the Secret Service. It is not known whether he left LandOrder at that time, or sometime previously.


Jasp's birthday falls on "Schism Day" (see Holidays of the Land).

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