Human male, born LY 857, in Olek. Husband of Anita; father of Joss and Melanie. Chief Councillor.

Jared was born into a clan which owns one of the largest basil tomato plantations on New Isle. He had a privileged upbringing, and studied various subjects under the best masters available in his village. At the age of 20, he became a business representative on trading voyages, selling his clan's produce to other villages, mostly on the other East Isles and in Ship. At 30, he took a position on the board of directors of his clan's company. At 40, he became its president. He held this position until 904, when he resigned in order to campaign for village council in the first elections. He easily won his district's seat, and three years later campaigned for and won the position of Chief Councillor of Olek, a position he holds to this day.

He married a woman named Anita in 884. Their son Joss was born in 887, and their daughter Melanie was born in 889.

When the surname law was passed in 904, he chose the name 'Localpride,' which some saw as a campaign ploy to demonstrate his love of his home village, thus gaining the appreciation of his fellow Olekki. However, he claimed that his travels to other villages had shown him that all villages have their own merits, no one objectively better than any other. The name 'Localpride,' he said, was meant not just to refer to the pride he felt for his own village, but that he believed everyone on The Land should feel for whatever village they were from.

In 912, in the middle of his second term as Chief Councillor, he campaigned for monarch of the Second Order. His campaign is best-remembered for his suggestion of eliminating the military altogether, in favor of reducing federal taxes and increasing local taxes, in order to increase the resources of the police. He is also remembered for calling the trend of many Landians moving to other villages ever since the Coming of the Order "faddish," believing people should be content to stay in their home villages. For several months, he was considered the only true potential rival of the incumbent Demos Royal for the position, though it seemed almost certain that Demos would win the election. However, they both ended up losing to Quinn Darkstrider, who had an unexpected surge in popularity about a week before the election.

Jared retained his position as Chief Councillor of Olek, and was once again reelected in 913.

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