Human male, born 26 Las'mo', LY 895, in Plist. Musician and instrument maker.

Jae is best known as a member of the band Black Radly, in which he sings and plays the majitar. This is an instrument invented by Guy Artisan, who taught Jae to make them as well as how to play them. Jae is one of very few people to have been taught by Guy to play the majitar.

Jae's parents raise, train, and sell furthings as pets, hence their choice of the name "Furthingtame" when the surname law was passed in 904.

Jae has been in a relationship with his bandmate, Anja Frontrun, since shortly before the band formed. They are still a couple, though whether or not they will ever marry (or may have secretly already done so) is the subject of some fan speculation.

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