Human female, born 8 Sp'mo', LY 868, in Triscot, to Norman and Delia. Younger sister of Rory and Diega. Master swordsman.

Jade's clan are of a social standing which, during the Coming of the Order, would come to be known as "middle class". Which, in a village as affluent as Triscot, tends to mean more than it does in some villages; many people might call them "upper middle class," though certainly they are not among what came to be known as "nobility." However, they maintain close ties to various noble families, as they run a successful business which does ornate landscaping, interior design, architectural planning, and coordinates joint projects with various other businesses, all of which involve designing different aspects of the estates and businesses of noble clientele. As such, Jade, her older brother Rory and older sister Diega, all grew up accustomed to a relatively comfortable lifestyle, and were friends with the children of noble clans.

From a young age, Jade and her siblings all studied swordsmanship, and all three of them displayed a fair aptitude at the art. However, her siblings ultimately went into the family business, while Jade left home at the age of 15, determined to hone her skills with the help of master swordsmen of other villages. In LY 888, at age 20, she arrived in Shipsister, after having studied in various other villages. By this point she had become quite good at various techniques, and was taken on as an apprentice to Moto Jiandao, from whom she learned Chakra Over Mana. After mastering the technique, she went on to develop variations on the maneuver, which she would later teach to others. The first person she ever taught was Tom Morales, who had completed his own training under Moto soon after Jade began hers, and who happened to have returned to visit his old master about the time Jade developed her variations. She then returned to Triscot, where she renewed contact with various noble families her clan still worked for on occasion. She soon established her own successful career as a master swordsman, taking on apprentices from the nobility. For much of 901-902, her students included Darius Lonewander and Benj Illustri.

When the surname law was passed in 904, Jade was thinking of taking the name "Hawkeye," but instead went with the surname her clan chose, "Nishikigoi," which referred to the fact that one of the most popular services they provided to their clients was installing outdoor koi ponds and indoor koi tanks, as well as breeding koi.