The Illuminati are, thus far, a relatively minor inter-village gang, formed in 912 when Larami Illuminatus broke off from InterGang, of which she had been the don of the Tonad branch. She took with her the majority of her own subordinates, including many who had been with her when she merged her former gang, the Victors, with at least two other gangs from other villages to form InterGang in 899. However, for a reason which is not known outside of InterGang and the Illuminati, a majority of the enforcers who had worked for her in InterGang chose to remain loyal to InterGang rather than to Illuminatus. However, her new gang absorbed a smaller Tonadian gang, the Brills, and when she became capo of her new gang, she made the Brills' don, Porter Cognoscente, the don of the Tonad branch of the Illuminati. It's not known precisely what prompted her decision to break from InterGang, though it is widely speculated that it involved her dislike of her former boss, capo Amelia Mysshroudedtery, and possibly of other InterGang dons, most notably Seth Manager of Plist. It is believed that before making her break, she secretly approached the leaders of various gangs besides just the Brills, though no others merged with her new gang; however, some have been known to work with the Illuminati on occasion. It should also be noted that while many people assume the name of the Illuminati is a direct reference to Illuminatus's own surname, in fact she is known to assert this is not the case. Rather, she says, the name is merely meant to convey a sense of enlightenment.

As of yet, the Illuminati, which is headquartered in Tonad, has only spread to one other village, Tanq. However, the gang has so far been flourishing in both its villages, largely because of the conflict between InterGang and LandOrder leaving both gangs little time to concern themselves with the upstart, as well as the police being more concerned with greater world events, namely those events surrounding the Chaos War, which occurred at the same time the Illuminati were created.

The following is a partial list of known members of the Illuminati:



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