Human male, born LY 763, in Monab. Died 833. Arch-bishop of The Order (810-833).

Ignico (pronounced 'ĭg·nĭ'kō) is chiefly remembered for having issued an edict in 811, banning Sorreters from ever again creating mythical creatures. This edict came less than a year after the completion of the project to create merfolk, a project which had been given approval to Nyza and Eric by Ignico's predecessor, Darren. The edict meant that merfolk would be the last bio-engineered species on The Land, at least those created by humans. However, at the time, elves were not in contact with human society, and had no knowledge of the edict (nor would they have been subject to it, if they did know. So, that race's sorcerers would occasionally produce new species (such as leopcoats in 825), though not necessarily based on mythology.

Following the establishment of the Protestant Movement in 902, there has been some question as to whether Protestant Sorreters might create new species, as they're not technically subject to the edict, either. However, as of 916, no Sorreters are known to have done so.

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