Ice cream is a frozen confection which has been known since the time of Connor and Brigid, who were taught by God how to make it. He first taught them to harvest ice from mountaintops for purposes of refrigeration; ice is then stored underground in yakhchals. Ice cream is made by churning ingredients, including milk or cream, sugar, and various flavorings. The churn which contains these ingredients is surrounded by a larger container which holds crushed ice and salt. It is a laborious process, though since the introduction of refrigerators, it has become faster and easier. The development has also made it more common for ice cream to be produced in homes, whereas in the past it has been almost exclusively made in ice cream parlours.

Some of the most popular flavors of ice cream include azuki, cherry, chocolate, maple, matcha (green tea), mint, peach, pumpkin, rainbowberry, strawberry, teaberry, etc. There are lighter varieties of ice cream, which may be called "gelato" or "sorbet"; these are more likely than ice cream to include certain flavors, such as emerald melon, grape, mango, sou'cit, swe'cit, or zelfruit.

Ice cream is often used as a side dish with cake, or as part of a larger dessert such as an ice cream sundae (which may include fruit or sweet sauce, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries. A special kind of sundae called a "pineana split" is basically a sundae set on top of pineana slices. There is also a dish called spumoni, which is often considered a variety of ice cream, though some may consider it a sundae. It is typically is made from cherry, pistachio, and chocolate ice cream, often including bits of cherry, nuts, and sometimes whipped cream. There is also a confection called "mochi ice cream," which is a ball of ice cream (most commonly matcha or azuki flavor), coated in mochi (glutinous rice cake), and dusted with confectioner's sugar.

2 Sp'mo' is unofficially considered "Ice Cream Day" (see Holidays of the Land), first established in Olek in LY 819.

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