The Health Department (or HD) is a governmental department of First Nation, overseen by Congress. It officially came into operation on 9 Win'yet, LY 913. It consists of various officers appointed by Congress, and is headed by the Director of Health, who is appointed by the monarch (from among the High Councillors). Most if not all of the officers are members of the medical community. Their duties include advising the Congress on any proposed legislation which might affect the practice of any branch of medicine in the Second Order, as well as studying any new foods, beverages, or drugs which may come on the market. In the past, there was no regulation of such things, though since the establishment of the HD, the sale of such goods is not permitted without the approval of the Health Department, which may determine some products to pose a potential risk to the public's health (as per the Health Code). Another duty of the HD is to approve the hiring by universities of medical masters, to ensure that they are fully competent and qualified to award medical degrees to students. The HD also is responsible for granting independent masters the right to award such degrees. The HD also has the authority to regulate the services and practices of hospitals and asylums. (If a patient or the family of a patient feels a hospital or independent physician has treated them in some unfair or inappropriate fashion, they may file a case in the court system, without the HD necessarily getting involved.) Additionally, though there are no recorded cases of medical epidemics in the history of The Land, the HD has been granted the authority to oversee the medical communities response, should such a situation ever arise.

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