Passed on 10 Win'yet, 913, by the High Court. This law grants the Health Department the right to determine whether any new foods, beverages, or drugs pose a serious potential threat to the public's health, and requires the HD to approve any new such products before they will be allowed on the open market. It also grants the HD the right to review any older products which were already on the market, as well as the right to regulate the distribution of such goods according to specific policies. Laws of this nature had been enacted in the past, or may have been included as part of an existing law (such as the adult license law, subclause 3, which prohibited anyone without both a physical and emotional stamp from purchasing alcohol). However, upon the establishment of the HD, such existing laws became the subject of review of the new department, which upheld the established laws. The Health Code itself remains open for amendment at any time by the High Court, upon the recommendations of the Health Department.

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