Happiness is the name of a drug developed in LY 912 by Laver Drugfix, an apothecary who works for LandOrder. The gang are the exclusive distributors of the drug, which was banned by the Health Department in 913. The main ingredient in Happiness is an extract from the seeds of an orchid which Laver himself discovered, and which he named serenity. It is unknown where the plant was discovered, which allows Laver to maintain a monopoly on production of Happiness. (It is also unknown what other ingredients the drug may include.) The drug comes in pill form, each one of which produces a euphoria which is similar to the intoxication produced by alcohol. This euphoria reaches full effectiveness within one to three centhours, and the effects last from three to five hours. Studies suggest that the pills are not habit-forming and pose no clear health risks. Additionally, the intoxicating effects can be shaken off at will, and resumed at will. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the effects can be essentially ignored, if one chooses to concentrate on thinking clearly. In fact, it is believed that the only reason the drug was banned was because it was created by a gang. Some people have suggested that if the formula were made known to legitimate apothecaries, and serenity itself made commonly available, the ban might be repealed.

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