One of three citrus fruits thus far discovered on The Land, all of which have been known since the time of Connor and Brigid. These fruits grow on trees which are common throughout the tropical regions of the Land. Ha'cit (pronounced "haysit") is a contraction of "half citrus," which refers to the fact that its flavor is halfway between sweet and sour. It has a yellow peel surrounding the edible part of the fruit, which is of a pulpy consistency and generally pink in color. However, in LY 910, an orchardist named Adolpho Citman developed a new ha'cit cultivar, which is yellow on the inside. Ha'cit may be eaten raw (sometimes with sugar added), or it may be made into a juice or soft drink.

Ha'cit is known to be essentially the same fruit that is known on Earth as "grapefruit," and because of this Landians sometimes refer to it as ha'citfruit.

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