Human male, born LY 870, in Sorret. Sorreter, musician, and instrument maker.

Guy is known for inventing the majitar in 895, shortly after becoming an adept Sorreter. Having no interest in continuing his studies to become a master-adept, he left Sorret to become a wandering musician. Over the years he has had a number of apprentices from various villages he's traveled to, who he taught to both make and play the instrument he'd invented. While it is considered preferable for a person to be a Sorreter oneself, if he or she wishes to construct a majitar, it is not strictly necessary. They may build the physical instrument, and carry with them instructions which they may provide to any commercial Sorreter on how to enchant it. Guy has taken relatively few apprentices over the years, including Jae Furthingtame and Xedric Midnight.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Guy chose the name "Artisan," to refer to his crafting of the majitar. While there are any number of people across The Land who might have wanted the name, Guy was lucky in that he happened to be staying in First Village at the time the first census began in 905, which meant he was among the first Landians contacted by the census-takers, thus giving him a greater chance of having his first pick of surnames.

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