Human male, birth year unknown (estimated c. LY 850), birthplace unknown, family unknown. Jack of all trades.

Virtually nothing is known of Gordon, except that he has spent his life traveling between villages, and engaging in many different types of work. The name 'Gordon' has been mentioned by numerous other world travelers, as well as various people who've spent their entire lives in a single village. It's unknown whether all these Gordons are in fact the same man, though the descriptions people give tend to sound alike, regardless of the type of work he's done in each particular story. He's become something of a legend in certain circles, particularly among other jacks of all trades.

In 888, he spent some time in Pritt, where he started a small publishing company called Destiny Imprints, along with a married couple named Mikhail and Petra, who were both printers. Gordon inspired their son, Philo, to become a Jack of all trades, himself. Gordon left Pritt around the same time Philo did, leaving Mikhail and Petra to run the new business themselves, though he has occasionally returned, to check up on them. He also sometimes has them publish him personal copies of alien books that are not otherwise available on the Land, which has led some to believe he may be a spirit-talker, though there is no definitive proof of this speculation.

It is known that he was in First Village in 905, at the time of the first census. At that time, he chose the surname 'Lightprophet' for unknown reasons, though it is commonly speculated that it was chosen as an antithesis to the Black Prophets of the Prophet Movement (LY 399-404). One of the legends about Gordon is that he is a descendant of one of the various prophet groups that existed at that time. It is known that he has attended each of the quadrennial World Fairs, each time demonstrating a different one of his many skills. At the third World Fair, in 908, he demonstrated the art of prognostication, a skill he taught at that time to Tom Morales.

In 912, it was revealed that Kizin Planner had been inspired to create The Plan in 890 by a Terran book he'd read at the time called "Foundation." While most people assume that the book was provided to him by a spirit, there has been some speculation that it could have been given to him by Gordon, though there is no proof that the two ever met.

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