Human male, born LY 888, village unknown (possibly Woodstockade). Vampyre (Nocturn'kin), member of LandOrder.

Girarg (pronounced gûr·ärg) is the first vampyre created by Silas Des'Caina. He was turned into a vampyre by in vitro manipulation of his DNA. The following year, a second vampyre, Brahm Des'Merrick would be created in the same manner. All subsequent vampyres would be sired by Girarg or Brahm (or by vampyres they had sired, and so on). It is not known how Des'Caina had access to humans for experimentation in the 880s, two decades prior to elves rejoining human society, though it is rumored that they were somehow provided to him by demons (that is, spirits who follow Lucifer). Like most of the children who were raised by Des'Caina, Girarg originally went by the surname "Foundling," though sometime after the passing of the surname law, the children were all allowed to choose their own surnames. It's not known if there's a special reason Girarg chose the name "Blackshirt," though it is said that he never wears any other color of clothing.

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