Human male, born LY 331, in Tonad. Died 410, in Olek. Bishop of Olek, 368-396. "The Book of Gerome" is the thirty-first book of the O'Gas.

Gerome was a spirit-talker for most of his life, though he had little interest in being a spiritual leader, within his community. Certainly he had no expectation that any of his conversations with spirits would ever be worthy of inclusion in the O'Gas. This would change, however, in 367, when he was among the settlers of Olek, at age 36. His reasons for moving away from his home village were vague, at best; basically, he just felt a desire to travel and see more of the world, though he wasn't quite sure what prompted this sudden feeling. It was later that year, several months after the village had been established, that one of his parishioners came to him with a question. He said he'd noticed a lightening of his own skin's coloration, and that he'd noticed the same thing in his friends and family. He'd asked a physician about it, and had been told there was no clear physical reason for it. So he wondered if maybe spirits might have an answer.

Gerome asked one of the spirits he knew if there was some explanation, and the spirit explained the concept of race to him (and to the parishioner). "Race" was a term that had been used since the time of Connor and Brigid to refer to different sentient species from various worlds: for example, people from The Land were a race known as Landians, but also as humans. And there was another race of humans from Earth, who were called Terrans. But the concept of race that the spirit explained now was more specific than the old concept of races from different planets. It was learned from the spirit that God had created Landians in such a way that their skin color would change based on various factors, including distance from the Equator. But while most planets had races that took thousands of years to differentiate from one another, and then became hereditary, it worked differently on the Land. Each individual had the capacity for their skin to change color any number of times throughout their lives, if they made major changes to their location, diet, etc. This new understanding of Landian physiology was deemed important enough to include in the O'Gas, and soon became a very popular concept among the general public, leading to an increased interest in travel.

The following year, Gerome became the first bishop of Olek, due to the popularity of his discovery. He continued to serve as bishop for 28 years, retiring in LY 396, at the age of 65. In spite of his retirement, he remained active in his church until his death 14 years later, at age 79. He was also a member of Olek's delegation to the first Pilgrimage to Monab in 406.

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