Human male, born LY 850, in Triscot. Older brother of Basil; uncle of Willow. Carpenter, businessman, and former officer in the Navy.

Garrett comes from a clan which boasts some of the best architects and engineers on the Land, and certainly in his home village of Triscot. Unlike most of his relatives, he preferred a more "hands on" approach to building things, rather than designing them. As such, he was a valuable member of the group of settlers who founded Kimrin, when he was 29. It was in this new village that he started his own construction company. Eighteen years later, he would once again help found a new village, this time Near Port. Four years after that, in 901, his company was instrumental in the construction of Army headquarters, as well as the village's naval base. It was also in 901 that, at the age of 51, he took an interest in a career change: he joined the newly-formed navy. He had been a passenger on various ships a few times over the years, but had never been a sailor. In spite of that, he took to sailing quickly. His experience as boss of his own company had also taught him how to effectively handle subordinates, a quality which led to his being given command of his own ship, the dreadnought-class Kraken. Garrett distinguished himself in battle during the Coming of the Order in 903, and after the war, he was promoted to rear admiral and reassigned to command the Woodstockade fleet.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Garrett's clan back in Triscot chose the name 'Bridgebuilder,' because his younger brother, Basil, had overseen the building of the Triscot River bridge, in 880.

During his time in Woodstockade, he served aboard the cruiser-class Roderick's Revenge. There was, initially, some tension between himself and the all-elven crew, but they soon came to respect him. They even nicknamed him "Gareth" after a master sailor who had been one of the First 50 Elves. He worked closely with the ship's captain, Zarrin Des'Lossin, and the two developed a friendship, over the years. However, in 912, during the Battle of West Ocean, when Garrett was forced to order the crew to fire upon an enemy ship, which they'd learned had Zarrin's daughter, Emma Pseud, on board, Zarrin refused the order. Garrett was confined to his quarters, while the ship returned to Woodstockade, to sit out the rest of the war. Garrett was later sent back to Near Port, and decided to retire from the Navy.

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