Furthings have been known since the time of Connor and Brigid, and have since been found to live in most explored areas of The Land. While not native to the colder climate of the Northern Alliance, settlers brought them when founding villages there, and furthings have adapted quite well to the area. The species was created by God when He created the Land; He designed it as a kind of cross between Terran cats (an animal which is not known to exist anywhere on the Land) and a fictional creature from a fantasy movie in Earth's 20th century (the same movie that provided partial inspiration for another of God's Landian creatures, striders). Furthings are rather small quadrupeds, and very furry (hence the name "fur-thing"). They also have a tendency to be aggressive, even once domesticated. They have sharp teeth and claws, though they may choose to spare the full force of these, when playing with people they trust... which does not mean their scratches or bites don't hurt, it just means the damage done is minimal. They also enjoy their privacy and independence, often roaming unsupervised. It may therefore be hard to tell a "house furthing" from a "street furthing" or a wild furthing. In spite of both aggression and independence, they can be very friendly, once a person gains their trust, and may also be quick to leap to the defense of their owners, if they perceive them to be in danger from another person or animal.

As with Terran cats, young furthings are called kittens.

There is a common expression, "fighting likes furthings and monogs," referring to the fact that those two species often don't get along. However, it is not unheard of for furthings and monogs to be friendly with one another. Another common expression is "mad as a furthing," to describe someone you think is crazy.

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