Human male, born LY 876, in Plist. Accountant and idea man.

Frank wanders the world, looking for inspiration for new ideas, and sharing his ideas with others. The types of ideas he shares are widely varied in nature, though most commonly he helps people figure out how to handle their money. This became even more important when the Second Order established banks in 902, and when the tax law was passed in 904. It was in 902 that Frank met two other idea men, Dex and Philo. All three happened to be in First Village at the time. Philo had the idea for the three of them to form a partnership, or at least a quasi-partnership. So, Dex returned to his home in Jump Village, and Frank returned to his home in Plist. Each opened an office in their respective village, and waited to hear from Philo. However, he had moved on to some other project, having essentially forgotten about his idea for a partnership. In the years that followed, Frank opened other offices in First Village and Tonad, while Dex opened other offices in Shipsister, Tanq, and Triscot. They both continue wandering, though rarely anymore to villages other than the ones where they've established offices. They both have a number of employees who take care of the day-to-day business in each office when the bosses aren't in, though Frank and Dex remain the driving force behind their business, which offers a number of services to their clientele, including accounting, moneylending, tax preparation, various types of business advice, etc. They serve all different types of clients as well, from individuals, to companies, to governmental departments such as InterVil.

When the surname law was passed in 904, Frank chose the name "Numbercrunch."

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