First Land

First Land is one of the three currently populated continents on The Land. Its name derives from the fact that Landians refer to continents as "lands" (which admittedly can lead to some confusion, considering the name of their planet), and the fact that it was the first land to be occupied by human beings. Its coastline is roughly 11,400 miles around. Villages on First Land include First Village, Tonad, Sorret, Ship, Shipsister, Monab, Plist, and South Port. It is surrounded by three bodies of water: West Ocean to the west and southwest, First Sea to the northwest and north, and East Ocean to the east and southeast. There are five major isles near First Land, including the East Isles to the east, and Jump Isle to the west. The terrain of First Land includes plains as well as several forests, lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges. It contains the most villages of any landmass on the Land, and is the most populous (in terms of humans). The majority of First Land's villages are a part of the Second Order.

Rivers on First Land include First River, New River, Shoot River, Branch River, Drop River, and Lake River. Lakes include River Lake (which is surrounded by the Lake River Mountains, and which feeds Lake River), and Drop Lake (which is surrounded by the Drop Lake Mountains, and which feeds Drop River). Other mountain ranges include the First River Mountains, New River Mountains, Drop River Mountains, and the Southern Range.

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