In LY 752, Roderick of Sorret achieved success in his secret project to create Elves, which would be recognized as the second fully sentient race on The Land. However, when their existence was revealed in 773, Grand Sorreter Cazzul banished Roderick and the elves. They sailed west from Shipsister, discovering an isle they named the Isle of Freedom, where they founded the village of Woodstockade. Because there were so few of them, most of them had more than one job, though most jobs were held by more than one elf; however, certain eleves were masters of one of their trades. (The jobs listed here constitute an incomplete accounting of the tasks most elves performed.)

Starting with the third generation (in 824, when that generation had become adults), descendants of the first 50 elves would take their names as surnames, making them the first people on the Land to have last names, years before humans passed their own surname law. Surnames were usually assumed based on which elf, of the two parents, was of higher status, possibly because of master status; but this was not always the case, and the choice might be based on more personal reasons. In later generations, some elves would take surnames not based on ancestral names, while others might take names based on elves they were not necessarily descended from, as long as those names had never been used by any actual descendants.

Original 50 ElvesEdit

Adele (f) 752-813; master dancer; singer, weaver; wife of Dosandé

Aegis (m) 752-821; master miner; hunter, smith; husband of Isis

Alaistair (m) 752-830; master potter and sculptor; painter; husband of Hillary

Antonia (f) 752-801; sailor, musician; wife of Loranno

Beryllia (f) 752-787; master apothecary; sorcerer; first wife of Salucin

Caina (f) 752-824; Second Sorcerer 774-792, High Sorcerer 792-824; wife of Turlough

Caleb (m) 752-823; builder, smith; husband of Ethyl

Carmen (f) 752-790; painter, potter, musician; wife of Francisco

Casey (f) 752-799; writer, sorcerer; wife of Eller

Cavet (m) 752-822; master writer; scientist (though he has no descendants, some of his students called themselves Des'Cavet, in his honor)

Celeste (f) 752-831; farmer, rancher; wife of Xallem

Chabert (f) 752-815; master musician; weaver, rancher; wife of Lossin

Clarissa (f) 752-799; farmer, builder, smith; wife of Larroque

Corbin (m) 752-817; soldier, rancher; husband of Marissa

Corinne (f) 752-791; sailor, physician, apothecary; wife of Merrick

Crysta (f) 752-827; hunter, clothier, farmer

Dosandé (m) 752-804; master glassworker; dancer, builder, woodcutter; husband of Adele

Eller (m) 752-832; first Elf Chief 774-832; Second Sorcerer 792-824, High Sorcerer 824-832; soldier; husband of Casey

Ethyl (f) 752-820; storyteller, scientist, farmer, potter; wife of Caleb

Farrell (m) 752-822; hunter, woodcutter; husband of Zinthia

Felicity (f) 752-839; master brewer/vintner; wife of Gareth

Felix (m) 752-809; master chef, restauranteur, taverner; husband of Taryn

Francisco (m) 752-815; master scientist; architect, sorcerer; husband of Carmen

Gareth (m) 752-809; master sailor; builder, smith; husband of Felicity

Hillary (f) 752-817; dancer, storyteller, singer, vintner; wife of Alaistair

Horace (m) 752-838; miner, builder, farmer

Isis (f) 752-826; master hunter; sorcerer, singer; wife of Aegis

Janus (m) 752-813; master shipbuilder; husband of Lyta

Kensit (m) 752-812; woodcutter, rancher; husband of Nadia

Larroque (m) 752-811; singer, dancer, hunter; husband of Clarissa

Lia (f) 752-777; spirit-talker, historian, rancher

Loranno (m) 752-781; sailor, painter; husband of Antonia

Lossin (m) 752-800; master musician, songwriter; husband of Chabert

Lyta (f) 752-800; sorcerer, shopkeeper; wife of Janus

Marissa (f) 752-819; miner; wife of Corbin

Merrick (m) 752-832; scientist; husband of Corinne

Nadia (f) 752-782; glassworker, sculptor; wife of Kensit

Portia (f) 752-802; master physician; weaver; wife of Rosset

Rosset (m) 752-800; master architect; weaver; husband of Portia

Salucin (m) 752-840; Second Sorcerer 824-832; High Sorcerer 832-840; woodsman, builder; husband of Beryllia 774-787; husband of Presbyd (daughter of Caina and Turlough, b. 789) 805-840

Shauna (f) 752-797; sailor, chef; wife of Vaspar

Sybil (f) 752-812; singer, songwriter, musician; wife of Tambor

Tambor (m) 752-814; master carpenter; husband of Sybil

Tamlyn (f) 752-818; master clothier; shopkeeper; wife of Yoshi

Taryn (f) 752-811; hunter, sorcerer; wife of Felix

Turlough (m) 752-815; sailor, sorcerer; husband of Caina

Vaspar (m) 752-806; master smith; sailor, miner; husband of Shauna

Xallem (m) 752-842; musician, scientist, physician, farmer, historian; husband of Celeste

Yoshi (m) 752-833; sailor, builder, woodcutter; husband of Tamlyn

Zinthia (f) 752-796; woodcutter, hunter; wife of Farrell

Elven surnamesEdit

The following is an incomplete list, reflecting only those Elven surnames which are based on the original 50 Elves' given names.

Des'Aegis, Des'Alaistair, Des'Caina, Des'Cavet, Des'Corbin, Des'Eller, Des'Ethyl, Des'Farrell, Des'Felix, Des'Francisco, Des'Gareth, Des'Janus, Des'Larroque, Des'Loranno, Des'Lossin, Des'Merrick, Des'Nadia, Des'Rosset, Des'Salucin, Des'Shauna, Des'Tambor, Des'Yoshi

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