Fireworks are pyrotechnic devices utilizing huo yao, which are burned to produce smoke, noise, and most importantly light (in the form of fire or sparks, in various colors). Most commonly, they are shot into the air to produce stunning displays to entertain crowds on special occasions. Fireworks were first developed on The Land in LY 912, by Commodore Scott Botanical. He had begun experimenting with new mixtures of huo yao sometime prior to the Chaos War, and it was during the war that he completed his experiments. He had thought he might use his invention to celebrate the end of the war. However, his first public display of fireworks didn't occur until a few weeks later, at the inauguration of Quinn Darkstrider, on 26 Aut'mo'. Since then, fireworks have become incredibly popular attractions at many events, such as holidays, sporting events, the World Fair, the founding of new villages, etc.

It is known that fireworks were invented on Earth well over two thousand years before they were invented on the Land. It has also been learned that fireworks displays there are often accompanied by loud, joyous music. And so that tradition has been continued on the Land, most commonly by orchestras. The most popular group to accompany fireworks is the Royal Orchestra, which played at Quinn Darkstrider's inauguration.

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