Elven female, born LY 878, in Woodstockade. Chief sorcerer of the Woodstockade branch of InterGang (909-?).

Nothing is known of Ferris's early life, including who were family are or were. When the surname law was passed in 904, she chose the name "Demontalk," which is apparently derived from the fact that spirits can be classified as either angels (followers of God) or demons (followers of Lucifer). It is rare for spirit-talkers to give much consideration as to which kind the spirits they communicate with are, but Ferris, it can be assumed, talks primarily- or quite probably exclusively- with demons. There are no records of what her clan name was prior to that (of course, elves had had surnames for about eighty years already, at that point).

It was also in 904, at the age of 26, that Ferris was one of the first sorcerers to join the newly established Woodstockade branch of InterGang. Five years later, when the branch's original chief sorcerer, Bernard Delphi, died, it was assumed by many in the gang that the position would go to Silas Des'Caina, who had joined InterGang at the same time as Ferris. This assumption was in spite of the fact that it was well known that don Emannus Des'Rosset had never wanted to hire Silas at all, and there was bad blood between them. However, Silas was the oldest member of the sorcery department, and by all accounts, the most skilled. Certainly, no one would have expected the position to go to Ferris, who was considered a perfectly competent sorcerer, but there were a number of others in the department who were considered more skilled than she. Nevertheless, she was the one who got the promotion, for reasons which have never been revealed. (Being passed over for promotion is considered a large part of the reason Silas would later defect to LandOrder, in 912.) But in spite of the doubts of those under her command, Ferris has proven over the years since her promotion to be more worthy of the position than anyone expected, and the questions as to why she was promoted eventually died away.


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