Human female, born LY 875, in Sorret. Chief Sorreter of LandOrder's Pritt branch.

Faye was orphaned in 887, when she was 12 years old. She had been a neighbor of a boy named Zeke, when a fire burned down a few houses, including both of theirs. The two of them both became street rats after that, and apparently spent a bit of time together. It is not believed that they ever became close friends, because there were rumors that Zeke himself had started the fire. It's unclear whether Faye believed the rumors, but they were enough to make her somewhat uncomfortable around him. Nevertheless, when Zeke was apprenticed to Durell in 888, he introduced Faye to Durell and his wife, Virtiana. Virtiana felt sympathy for Faye, so she took her on as an apprentice, herself, thus securing her a home at Sorret Magic Academy, so she could get off the streets.

Faye graduated to adept status in 899, at the age of 24. She was among the Sorreters recruited by Durell to support The Plan, and in 900, he sent her to Pritt, to keep him informed of gang activities in that village, and later served as an emissary on his behalf when a local gang (led by Garrison) was looking to join one of the major inter-village gangs. Shortly after Garrison chose LandOrder, he made Faye his chief Sorreter. She contacted Durell, and he assigned more of his allies to join her department within the gang.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Faye chose the name 'Mireille.' It is believed that she named herself after The Land's moon, but the exact reason for her choice is unknown.

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