There are a great many types of animals on The Land, most of which, of course, were created by God. Some of them are the same as animals that have already existed on other worlds, such as Earth, and some are unique to the Land. There are also some mythical creatures which were created by Sorreters; this list is mainly of animals created by God, though it also may include some hybrids created by sorcerers which are not actually based on any mythology. It is of course far from a complete list of all known animals on the Land, and no doubt there are other animals that haven't even been discovered yet.

  • armavipers
  • bears
  • boars
  • Buford's spitters
  • catermanders
  • cattle
  • chickens
  • coddock
  • curlycoats
  • dragonflies (similar to Terran dragonflies, but with scorpion-like tails)
  • eagles
  • flutterbies
  • furthings
  • geese
  • hawks
  • jaguars
  • katoro
  • koi (also called nishikigoi or brocaded carp)
  • leopcoats (sorcerer-created hybrid of leopelles and curlycoats)
  • leopelles
  • lions (almost identical to Terran lions, but for their red coat)
  • lobsters
  • monoceros
  • monogs
  • moose
  • mosquitoes
  • moths
  • oras (commonly known on Earth as Komodo dragons)
  • orangetans (more or less the same thing as Terran orangutans, but their coloring is always specifically orange and tan)
  • otters
  • owls
  • panthers
  • penguins
  • rats (not to be confused with Rats)
  • ravens
  • salamanders (in appearance like salamanders of Earth, but have the ability to withstand and generate fire)
  • sea gulls
  • seals
  • squid
  • squirrelbats
  • stags
  • striders
  • tilapia
  • troutmon
  • voles (in appearance like voles of Earth, but secrete acid from their claws)
  • walruses
  • wolves
  • yellowtail

There are also animals that are known to have existed on other worlds, but which as far as we know, do not exist on the Land, including: ants, bees, cats, crows, deer, dogs, elk, horses, pigs, sheep, turkeys, etc.

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