Human male, born LY 780 in Sorret. Died 838. Member of the ELC. Grand Sorreter (826-838).

Errol was known as a fun-loving guy, and very friendly with just about everyone. He always did whatever seemed cool to him (leisure activities included the sports of fencing and surfing), and began studying magic in 793, at age 13, which he considered "about the coolest thing in the world." He had a number of different masters over the years, becoming an adept in 800. He always intended to eventually become a master-adept, but took time off from his studies to enjoy a certain measure of "freedom," as he said. He said at first that he'd take a year or two off, but actually never got back to any serious attempt at advancing his status for much longer than that. When Eric and Nyza began the project to create merfolk in 807, he joined their team, and for the first time in seven years, found in them Sorreters who he might consider masters. He learned a lot from them, and continued his studies even more diligently after the project was completed in 810. By 812, the Council of Magicks officially granted him master-adept status.

Errol had always been a fan of history, particularly the history of Sorret and of sorretry. Much like Red, he liked the idea of integrating the classical elements into magic. Red himself had considered fire to have been covered by spells taught by spirits in the earliest days of sorretry, and Jess had created a spell related to earth. Red did some important work with air, and of course Nyza had worked with water, indirectly. Errol wanted to develop a spell which more directly affected or utilized water, and this led him to create a thermal regulation spell which allowed him to alter the state of water between liquid, gas, and solid forms. He first demonstrated this spell in 820, and over the next several years adapted it to be used to alter the temperature of just about anything. This qualified him for the position of Grand Sorreter, which he assumed in 826, the year after Nyza's death. It also led him to create the refrigerator in 822 and the qutn candy maker in 825.

His most prominent apprentice over the years was Coman, who succeeded him as Grand Sorreter in 839.

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