Elven female, born 22 Aut'gin, 894, in Woodstockade, to Zarrin and Gema Des'Lossin. Fourth of five siblings (older brother Robin, sisters Phoebe and Rosalie, younger brother Xavier). Member of The Band, The Chaos, and the ELC. Musician (songwriter, mandolinist, and duré-player) and adventurer.

Unlike most elves, Emma Des'Lossin knew from an early age what she wanted to be: a musician and songwriter. She also realized that in spite of loving her family, she had little in common with them, including her political views. Her personality is something of a dichotomy, being a generally optimistic person, but also recognizing that there is much in life which is unfair. Because of this, in addition to the fact that she is a Julian, it took her a bit longer than usual to obtain the emotional stamp for her adult license (at age 15, which while early by human standards, was late for an elf). She obtained her mental stamp at 16, in 910, becoming a legal adult roughly a decade earlier than is typical for elves (or earlier than had been typical, prior to the introduction of the school system in 904). At that time, she assumed the surname "Pseud," and moved to Triscot, where she played her music whenever she could, both solo gigs and sitting in with groups that worked with various theater troupes. It was while playing with one of these theater groups in 911 that she met the Band, a group of traveling minstrels and adventurers who also played with the troupe whenever they were in town. At their invitation, Emma became the fifth member of the Band.

In 912, the Band became involved in a rebellion called the Chaos, which was being organized by Darius Lonewander. In 913, Emma returned to Woodstockade as one of a delegation sent to gather elves to found the village of Freeport.


Emma's birthday falls on "New Autumn Day" (see Holidays of the Land).