These melons were first discovered in the area around Sorret sometime within a few years of the founding of the village in 271. They were named for the fact that both the rind and the fruit inside are the same color as emeralds. Emerald melons soon became popular to be eaten on their own or in fruit salads. They also can be made into fruit juice, which can be drunk on its own or mixed into iced tea. It can also be made into gelato. In 299, one Sorretian distiller began producing a melon liqueur from emerald melons, which he simply named "green." It has since become a popular export to villages around the world. Green may be drunk straight, or mixed in various cocktails. One popular cocktail is called a "Green Fairy," which is green mixed with sou'cit soda.


In November 2012, FarmVille released a crop called Emerald Melon. I don't remember exactly when I came up with emerald melons myself, but it was at least as far back as September 2011 (check this page's history).

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