Emerald Honeytree is a chain of restaurants which started in Sorret in LY 376, founded by a married couple named Van and Rowena, who were also business partners. It was named after emerald melons and honeytrees, both of which could be used for food and drink, as well as alcohol (emerald melons are distilled into a liqueur called "green" and honey can be used to make a kind of wine called "mead"). Emerald Honeytree started out as a tavern (serving not only its namesake drinks, but a wide variety of beers, wines, and liquors), and in the earliest years of its existence it was notoriously used as a favorite drinking place of pirates. However, over time it became known as much for the food it served. Its most popular dish has always been fish & chips, though it was also the first dining establishment in Sorret to serve hamburgers, around LY 505 (after they had been invented in Plist in 500). In 818, after the discovery of squid, they also quickly became known for their calamari. They also serve a variety of other seafood, chicken, pasta, sushi, and salad dishes, and a number of popular desserts. Also, since the very first restaurant opened in 376, they've had a tradition of making and giving away free calaveras (sugar skulls) to their customers every Samhain.

By the end of the 370s or the early 380s, piracy had greatly declined, and Van and Rowena began retooling their tavern to serve more as a respectable restaurant than a tavern (albeit with a bar that remained its most profitable feature). Eventually, the restaurant was passed on to their children to run, by which time Emerald Honeytree had gained a reputation as a family restaurant. It has remained under the ownership of the same clan for 21 generations. The 20th generation, led by Matsuo Honeytree, opened the first Emerald Honeytree restaurant outside of Sorret in LY 880, in Shipsister. By 890, the clan had opened restaurants in every village on First Land. By 900, there were Emerald Honeytrees in Jump Village, Tanq, and on all four of the East Isles. They opened their 14th restaurant in Triscot in 908, and as of 916, talks are under way to open a fifteenth restaurant in either Woodstockade or Freeport.

It has long been common for patrons, and even some employees, to call the restaurant "Emerald Honeytree's," the apostrophe-s being suggestive of ownership, which is customary with many dining establishments, in spite of its not being part of the proper name of this particular chain. (It's also sometimes shortened to simply "Emerald's.") However, in 904, when the surname law was passed, Matsuo chose the name "Honeytree" for his clan. Though no member of the clan has said this publicly, it is speculated by many outsiders that this was inspired at least partially by a desire to lend a certain unofficial appropriateness to the use of the name "Honeytree's" when speaking of the restaurants.

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