Elven female, born LY 899, in Woodstockade. Vampyre (Diurn'kin), member of LandOrder.

Elinor is an orphan. In 905, she was found living on the streets by Silas Des'Caina, who took her in and raised her. For an unknown reason, it is believed that unlike the various other children he had taken in over the years, he never intended for her to become a vampyre. This caused mixed feelings in the other children; even if they themselves looked forward to becoming vampyres someday, this distinction marked Elinor as somehow "special" to Des'Caina, and therefore led to a certain degree of resentment. For her part, Elinor never saw Des'Caina as a father figure, but saw no hope of escape. However, in 908, she befriended a human girl named Melinda, who Des'Caina took in after her parents (immigrants from Shipsister) were killed in the crossfire of a gang war. The following year, Melinda escaped, having wanted Elinor to come with her, though that turned out to be impossible. And so, Elinor once again resigned herself to a life lived in secret, hidden away from society, surrounded by people she considered to be insane.

Like most of the children raised by Des'Caina, Elinor originally went by the surname "Foundling." It is not known when she chose the surname "Des'Aurora" for herself, though that is not a proper Elven surname, even if it takes the most common form of referring to oneself as a descendant of an earlier elf (usually one of the First 50 Elves). It is believed that the name refers to a human named Aurora, who was the older sister of Roderick, the creator of the elven race.

Elinor was sired by Alexandria SD in 913, apparently against the wishes of Des'Caina. Later, she escaped from Des'Caina, and presumably from Woodstockade. Her current location and status are unknown.

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