Earth is a planet which was created by God several thousand years prior to Hi
s creation of The Land, though the exact time of its creation is not certain. (This is a point of great debate on Earth itself, and many of its inhabitants believe their world to actually have existed for billions of years. In fact, many of them do not even believe in the existence of God Himself, but rather believe the entire Universe to have been created by natural forces, the science of which does not bear extensive examination at this time.) According to the Book of Connor and Brigid, the first book of the O'Gas, On the first day of the Land's creation, God told the first two people that they could name their planet whatever they liked. They chose "Earth," but He then informed them that the name was already taken. So, they chose another name with essentially the same meaning: The Land. While some historians and even some spirit-talkers have questioned whether this story is true, most people take it for granted. In any event, it is commonly supposed that this is the reason why Earth has always held such fascination for Landians, throughout the centuries of our own world's existence. While spirit-talkers may learn of other worlds from the spirits with whom they communicate, none but Earth are universally known to Landians.

Earth is, as of this time, known to be a part of an interstellar alliance of worlds, though details of that alliance are currently unknown on the Land. It is also not clear whether the people of Earth or any other world are even aware, as yet, of the Land's existence. But it is generally supposed that someday, probably millennia from now, that alliance will make contact with the Land, once they've discovered us and deemed us "ready." In the meantime, spirits continue to provide us with stories of Earth, and sometimes with samples of its culture, though only in formats which already exist on the Land, including books as well as magical recordings of audio and/or video. These resources have even inspired a number of Landian artists to create their own stories, music, etc. The stories of Earth have also inspired Sorreters in the creation of various mythical creatures.

Another name for Earth is "Terra," from which derives the word "Terran," which can be used as a noun to refer to the people of Earth, or as an adjective to refer to anything "of Earth."

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