Human male and female (respectively). Fraternal twins born in LY 78, in what would later be called First Village. Ducket died in 134, Drahkma in 155. "The Book of Ducket and Drahkma" is the fourth book of the O'Gas.

Ducket was a miner and Drahkma was a smith. In 103, they both became spirit-talkers. That year, they met a spirit named June, who introduced them to the concept of money. The two of them later introduced the concept to the other people of The Land, though the monetary system didn't go into effect until 107. Prior to that, in 105, they were two of five spirit-talkers who joined Brist in his efforts to bring religion to the Land.

Drahkma married a man named Haru in 106. Ducket married a woman named Estelle in 110. Each of them would eventually have two children, and both sides of the family would remain close for generations. In fact, the clan currently led by Denari D'scendant claims to trace its ancestry back all the way to Ducket and Drahkma.

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