Human male, born LY 894, in Plist, to Charity and Richard. Spirit-talker.

Drew's parents were both marginally involved in the Protestant Movement during the Coming of the Order, as was his mother's entire family. As such, it's hardly surprising that when the surname law was passed in 904, they, like so many others, chose the name "Protestant." Drew's mother, Charity, was the eldest of three siblings (along with younger brother, Fred, and youngest sister, Marie). Among Drew's best friends is his cousin, Marc Protestant (Fred's son). He's also close to the other members of Marc's band, Black Radly, who chose their band's name based on something they read in a book which Drew had lent to Marc in 911. The book had been recommended to Drew by a spirit friend of his; it had just been printed on The Land that year, though it was written on Earth about nine centuries earlier. Drew also sometimes received copies of songs from Earth or other worlds, from spirits he knew, and he'd pass them on to the band, who sometimes chose to do covers of them.

Of course, Drew didn't spend all his time hanging out with Marc and his bandmates; he was, after all, a year older than Marc, and had friends of his own. He also had his own interests to pursue, including a career in the church. In 913, Plist got a new Protestant bishop, Ginger Protestant (who was herself a former member of a band, which was simply called The Band). As it happened, Marc had met Ginger and her bandmates the previous year, and both Black Radly and the Band considered themselves fans of each other's work, albeit vastly different musical genres. In any event, Marc introduced Drew to Ginger when she became the village's bishop, and from that time on, Drew became increasingly involved in the local church. He once again became involved in Black Radly's affairs in 916, when he introduced them to another Terran song, the style of which they immediately knew they'd like to try, themselves. This would require the backing of an orchestra, and Drew happened to know a member of the Royal Orchestra, who attended his church. This allowed him to arrange a meeting that led to the production of Black Radly's third album, later that year.

His ultimate goal is to someday become the Protestant bishop of Plist, himself, though for now he is perfectly happy with the leadership of Ginger (who, in spite of a shared surname, is no relation to Drew).

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