Human male, born LY 882, in First Village. Son of Dirk XVIII. Don of the Black Profits.

Virtually nothing is known about him, except that in 899, at the age of 17, he became one of the foundering members of the Black Profits, though it seems he was helped in this considerably, by his father. Dirk XVIII was a mysterious man, himself, though he was known to be a world-traveler, and quite wealthy. In fact, that is about as much as can be said of any of the long line of his ancestors, who have all borne the name "Dirk," ever since the late fourth century (or so it is rumored). Dirk XIX was the first of his line to adopt the surname "Noir," in 904. It is a Terran subword meaning "black," which makes the choice of surname seem self-explanatory, given the name of his gang.

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