Deep-frying is a method of cooking first used in First Village in 211. It involves heating a cooking oil (most commonly derived from threenuts or tea) to around 190°T. A "fry basket" containing some type of food is then immersed in the oil for five to ten centhours.

The first food ever to be deep-fried was thinly sliced potatoes; the result of this method of cooking is called "crisps". It is also common to deep-fry potato strips, which are then called "chips". ("Chips" can also refer to "tortilla chips," which are made from corn. They are more similar to crisps than regular potato chips, though they're usually triangular rather than round. They may also be baked rather than fried. Tortilla chips are commonly served with salsa.)

In 361, a variety of fish called coddock was first discovered, and has commonly come to be deep-fried, itself (though its meat is coated with a batter made of water and flour before being fried). Deep-fried potatoes and coddock are often served together as "fish & chips" (which are commonly seasoned with salt and vinegar).

Various other foods have also been deep fried over the years, such as chicken, though it remains more common for this to be roasted or grilled. Certain vegetables are also sometimes battered and deep-fried, and the result is called "tempura" (which uses tea seed oil). Sliced pineana is also sometimes deep-fried. Squid, which were first discovered in 818, are also commonly cut into rings and deep-fried; the result is called "calamari". It is also common to cut spicebulbs into rings, batter and deep-fry them. Another deep-fried food is egg rolls, in which a sheet of dough is used to wrap a mix of chopped vegetables and meat (usually chicken); the rolls are then dipped in egg wash before being deep-fried. Dough is also sometimes deep-fried, usually served at events such as fairs (including the World Fair), or the circus, etc. Common toppings for fried dough include powdered sugar and cinnamon.

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