Elven male, born LY 800, in Woodstockade. Died 862. Sorcerer.

Daryll was among the third generation of elves; the second generation to be born in Woodstockade, and the first to adopt surnames {his name comes from his grandfather, Farrell, one of the First 50 Elves). He was an apprentice of Isis before graduating to the level of sorcerer in 820. In 822, he began a project to create hybrid animals, believing the field of magic known as bioengineering should not be lost to elven society, since it was that field which had led to the creation of the elven race itself. Unlike Sorreters, however, he believed sorcerers should use the field to create completely new kinds of creatures, rather than trying to conform to imaginary stories from other worlds, as Sorreters had done with mythical creatures. (It should be noted that though Sorreters had not created any new species since Arch-bishop Ignico banned that type of magic in 811, elves had no knowledge of this banning, having had no contact with human society since being banished in 773. And so, of course, the banning did not apply to them, as they were not at that time a part of The Order.) Des'Farrell's first success came in 825, with the creation of leopcoats. When his former master Isis died the following year, Des'Farrell was very glad she had lived long enough to see this success.

In 832, when Salucin became High Sorcerer, Des'Farrell was appointed Second Sorcerer, a position he held until Salucin's death in 840, at which point Des'Farrell became High Sorcerer until his own death in 862.

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