Cubecumbers come from Landian plants which are very similar in appearance to the plants which bear Brussels sprouts, except that the sprouts of this plant are small cubes (one to two inches on a side) rather than the rounder buds of Brussels sprouts. Aside from the shape and size, cubecumbers (sometimes just called "cubes," for short) have the same coloration, texture, and flavor of Terran vegetables (or technically, accessory fruits) called cucumbers (hence the name "cubecumber"). Each cube has a thin and tough (yet edible) dark green rind, surrounding softer, very light green (also edible) interior. They may also be pickled, and are then simply called "pickles." Cubes or pickles may be eaten on their own, or may be used as toppings or fillings in various dishes. Cubes are commonly used in salads. Pickles may be chopped up to make relish, or sliced for use on hamburgers or other types of sandwich. (Unpickled cube slices are also sometimes used on sandwiches.)

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