Passed on 2 Su'gin, LY 912, by the High Court. This law grants the military the right to apprehend, detain, and try those who are suspected of plotting or committing crimes against any branch of the World Council.

The law was suggested by Colonel Charles Woodman on 21 Sp'mo', as part of an announcement about his capture of the accused rebel group known as The Chaos. Woodman claimed that while the police had no choice but to wait until crimes had been committed, crimes against the government might make reaction impossible, after the fact, so action against insurgency must be taken preemptively. He also claimed that such crimes should be considered acts of war, and such criminals should be considered enemy combatants. Woodman's suggestion was championed in Congress by Phineas Daily, who would some months later be discovered to have been the founder and head of a secret society called The Cabal, of which Woodman was a member. After the Chaos War, there was talk of repealing the Counter-insurgency Act, though ultimately it was deemed to be a valuable law, as long as it could be ensured that proper oversight was instituted. Thenceforward, any trials conducted by the military would require the presence of representatives of the civilian court system, to ensure the rights of the accused.

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