This is a body consisting of any number of mast-adept level Sorreters, which was established in the village of Sorret in LY 271, upon the completion of the village's construction. The Council is headed by the Grand Sorreter, though it is one of the duties of the Council to appoint each new Grand Sorreter, usually choosing from a number of candidates when the old Grand Sorreter either dies, or retires, or is removed from the position. Other important functions of the Council include the administration of the Sorret Magic Academy, and determining how to deal with any matters of magical significance. It is not a political body, though any citizens of Sorret, including non-Sorreters, may seek guidance from the Council in various matters, largely because of their position as spirit-talkers. Outsiders have often mistakenly referred to it as the "Sorret Council," which tends to cause some confusion since the establishment of the Second Order and governmental village councils in every village of The Land. The governing body of Sorret is what is properly called the Sorret Council; although it is distinct from the Council of Magicks, there is generally some overlapping in membership of each council, which only adds to the confusion of outsiders, and perhaps even of some of Sorret's own citizens.